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Build a Mom and Dad Workshops

What inspired this program?

As a young person I, LeTeisha Gordon the founder of A Better Day Initiative Program, was tremendously impacted by the absence of family members due to incarceration, divorce, and deployment. Their absence affected me socially, physically, and mentally. I was an introverted youth that felt abandoned and largely incapable because of the lack of parental and adult guidance. I had problems with communication, self-control, decision making, goal setting, gaining, and giving respect.

After my Father returned home I noticed the disconnection between us. As an adult, I realized other kids were affected by the same issues I endured as a youth and as an adult. However, after much research, I failed to find programs that focused on these issues. Therefore, I developed The Build-A-Dad/Build-A-Mom Workshop to address these issues to help families better cope with the separation that has occurred.

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Workshop Objective

To diminish the trauma caused by Incarceration, Divorce, Deployment separations. We coordinate wrap­around services, conduct bonding visits, and advocate for stronger policies to strengthen the bond between children and their parent(s).


Philip White delivering the Build a Dad Workshop, he is an experienced social worker and leader at The Fatherhood Initiative Program

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