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Child Advocacy Program 2018

On Yesterday 1/20/2018 We had our first session of the New Year at Hotchkiss Community Center.  There were 29 plus Young women in attendance. 

Over 45% of them have or had a Parent that has been incarcerated. There are 2.7 million Children that has a Parent Incarcerated. When you are around others that has experienced that pain & stigma from a life changing situation, you can be your self minus the embarrassment you felt from being the Unitentional Victim. 

How can CAP help these kids? We have a 12 Week curriculum that we use to help kids be able to control their emotions & communicate better. Once you learn HOW to communicate you are able to control your emotions. 

Our CAP is centered around helping Children learn better ways to Communicate. 

At the end of the session yesterday, a young lady asked LeTeisha, founder of A Better Day Than Yesterday Initiative Program, can she help her to see her dad because it’s been awhile since she last seen him. A visit for a child and his/her incarcerated parent encourages important parent-child bonding. We would love to be apart of keeping that Young Lady connected with her Father. 

Visit our Youth page to find ways to start preparing a child for visitation. We have some Free tips to help with the process.

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