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Starting at the Root...

The day the production started for the filming of this video, gave me so many thoughts an aroused too many different feelings! The healing that was taking place between the girls and their father was unbelievable. Having the Child interview the parent, asking the questions that, they always wanted to know and the father responding was absolutely beautiful! This was an intervention waiting to happen. This program is not for everyone. This program is for the people that is ready to heal after incarceration has become apart of a family life events.

Why  A Better Day Than Yesterday Initiative program is important?

A visit for a child and his incarcerated parent encourages important parent-child bonding.

The Virginia Department of Corrections has previously estimated that there are over 5,000 families affected by incarceration in the Richmond area. This number represents a significant portion of our community’s population struggling with effects of a loved one’s incarceration. 

Get in Involved today! If you know of anyone that would like to share their story, have them email subject: Share my Story ... 


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