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Build-A-Mom Workshop

Build-A-Mom Workshop was created with you in mind. We're passionate about equipping Mothers(women)on a mission to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident, and to never feel alone on their journey.  Are you surrounding yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul? Do you spend time with people that are going to be there to guide you when you're off track, pick you up when you've stumbled, and lay down some tough love when you need it most? Well, if you have people like this in your life, Awesome! Keep cultivating those relationships as they are critical to having a healthy and thriving life. If you don't, let's talk about it. Join us Saturday, August 18, 2018 Where: Main Branch - Richmond Public Library, 101 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23219 Children's Activities Room: 1st floor Time: 10:30 to 12:30pm Moms can register here:

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