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Build-A-Dad Workshop is Today!

Today is the Build-A-Dad Workshop and we are so excited!! This Workshop is to help Fathers learn how to Communicate with their Children after a lengthy separation. There are some Amazing Speakers, speaking for this event today! 

We have the God Father of Fatherhood Mr. Philip White is a Master Fatherhood Trainer with 37 years of direct family engagement as a social worker. 25 of these years has been with Henrico County Department of Social Services. He was a major partner in the development Of the Henrico County Fatherhood Support Group in 2002. Over 1000 men have completed the program. One of the primary objectives of the support group is the development of relational skills for fathers to master a healthy relationship with their children and a functional co-parenting relationship with the mother. He is a partner with the Central VA Teen Fathers Foundation. He has served on several community groups related to family stability. He earned his B.A. degree in Sociology from Elizabeth City State University. He earned his Master Fatherhood Trainer certification in 2012 from his work with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson of the National Partnership for Community Leadership. He is from Norfolk, VA. His wife Brenna and him have two adult age children, Aaron and Lauren.

Next we Mr. Andre St. George Andre St George is a professional speaker and trainer that presents leadership development strategies to connect with and inspire students to think about their choices, their work ethic, their character, and most importantly how they feel about themselvesTo help build his community he's worked with nonprofits and schools to empower our youth through anti-bullying workshops and events to help kids find their voice. Andre St George has a gift for connecting with and motivating students, educators, principals and parents. His powerful words captivate his audiences and always leave a lasting memory. His honesty and heart-felt desire to inspire people to achieve greatness are what set Andre apart.

And another Amazing Speaker is Mr. Aaron Turner Aaron Turner is another Awesome Speaker for our Build-A-Dad Workshop you don’t want to miss!! Aaron Turner is a father, grandfather, and mentor to a number of children. Mr.Turner is an entrepreneur and a media personality. Mr. Turner background includes working with kids who have behavior issues, mental illness, substance abuse, and parents who are incarcerated. Mr. Turner personal philosophy is " It takes one moment, one action, one thought to change the world, so why not be that one. Our Next Awesome Speaker Founder/ President Ellery Lundy, Broken Men Foundation discusses issues dealing with men who have had bad relationships. That hurt and pain may have caused them to become stagnant and disconnected with life's situations. Men have a tendency not to communicate. We act out in different fashions sometimes resulting in domestic violence, becoming abusive parents or worse. Men have to be more accepting of knowing they aren't alone in this walk and that it's okay to talk about the past and move forward. So join me in this quest of "How to take Broken Men and make Better Men". While transforming the youth to be productive citizens teaching them the basics of life skills and life lessons. Given them the necessary skills to avoid jail and become our leaders in the future. Raising boys to men and providing support to men within our community who are otherwise destined to be a statistic.

Today is Going to be an Amazing Day For A Better Day Than Yesterday Initiative Program!! We are overjoyed from the amount of Support and Opportunities ! We are looking forward to our future Workshops!

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