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Build-A-Dad Workshop

On Tuesday we had a discussion about bringing awareness to what Build-A-Dad Workshop is about. When I contacted @ronncuttsrva I said “Ron I need you today to record the discussion to bring awareness for BADW.” Ron said I gotcha, I will be there @jawadabdu601 & @zoolove92120 Founders of #Rvaleagueforsaferstreets are apart of helping me & Mr. Philip White to help Fathers bridge the gap between them and there kids. Healing is necessary to help both parties get through the separation that cause trauma in their lives. The question is how do you heal the Fathers Wound?? Jawad & Paul opened up about how they feel about it for the 1st time dealing with their kids. You can view it here You have an supportive group of people that has experienced all that a lot of families are dealing with right now but won’t get help due to egos & pride. At these meetings there is no judging. We come together as one to help you and your child get through this challenge. Whether they are grown or still an adolescent. The hurt is still there, Everyone just deal with it different. Our next session is June 7,2018 at 203 E. Cary st. With @vincentelliswhite from 4:30pm to 6pm. These sessions are not recorded and they are Confidential and Private. You need a supportive group to help you through these times. We also have the @brokenmenfoundation Founder Brother Lundy to help as well. Come find out what we are all about. Our kids need our help in getting through it. You don’t want to wait until your child become an adult to talk about your past mistakes. 🙏🏽🙏🏽Thank You Guys & @6pic_rva from my ❤️❤️RVA Workforce Centers as well for Partnering with BADW to help the Fathers through the workshop to find a stable employment & Trade.  

Participants can register for BADW here 

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