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Child Advocacy Program

As we go into our 3rd week I have noticed the kids Confidence, and Growth. This has been an amazing experience for our organization. 

Our Goal for CAP The main goal for our Child Advocacy program is to uplift the voice of youth participants. We empower children to ‘speak out’ on their behalf and assist children as well as youth in finding their internal power and teaching them how to use their power effectively.  Who can Benefit from the Child Advocacy Program? (CAP)  * At Risk Youth from ages 11-18 years of age * Youth Open to new and challenging experiences * Youth Wanting to grow in leadership in their community * Youth Wanting to meet other youth in the Richmond area * Youth Able to commit to the program dates What are the Benefits of CAP?

* Youth Finding their Strengths 

* Developing leader skills and learn how to overcome challenges * Learning how to work as a team ** Complete & Return Youth Application here Your Support help improve our Programs & Services. **Transportation is provided for Kids in the Northside/Highland Park Area.. PLEASE DONATE >> /

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