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Happy Valentines Day❤️💖

This Journey God has chosen for me, have me to remember certain situations from my childhood that I wish I could forget. When I was younger my Mom went to jail several times. She would never allow us to visit. She was never there long. I remember one time my dad was in the Garage working an a call came, and on the other end it was the Police saying my mom was arrested for DUI an then I guess assault on a officer. All you could hear was my mom cursing an screaming. ReeRee was fighting the police. Lol... The reason why I am sharing this story on Valentine Day is because Love will have you doing some foolish things. When you are deep in love with someone there is No Limit to what you will do. A woman or a man will turn their backs on their family for a companion. They would disregard their dreams, they will even lose their Freedom behind LOVE. My mom grew up with the Briley Brothers, and James Briley was her boyfriend for a period of time. She was head over hills behind him. She allowed her love for him to abandon her kids. The most embarrassing thing to our family during that time was my mom getting arrested behind trying to rescue James from Mecklenburg Prison. I didn’t know what was going on. The kids at the bus stop the next day told me everything. My bus stop was in front of my neighbors house. As usual my dog Muffy walked me there an waited until the bus came. Muffy was a German Sheppard. Very protective of me. That morning Muffy barked at the kids like she never did before. I was so hurt,confused,and embarrassed. It was at least 10 or more kids outside repeating what their parents spoke on around them about my mom. It was on the news & newspapers!! I had to go to School worried all day behind what is going to happen to my mom. That happened when I was in Kindergarten or 1st grade. What I would never forget is the kids telling me what’s going on within my household before my dad did. As years past Thank God my Mom rededicated her life to the lord!! We as Adults do not think about the long affects on children when we are making our decisions an we figure “oh well they are kids an will get over it” We couldn’t be more wrong. If the issues are not handled correctly as a child we grow up to be damaged Adults. Love can over Power your thinking when it comes to a companion, imagine if you gave that same energy of Love to a child how that child will turn out to be? I love my kids beyond me. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. The only person that comes before them is Our Lord. Don’t allow Love to cloud your judgment when making a decision that will not only affect your life, and freedom but your children life an memories. 


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