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Child Advocacy

Child Advocacy Program meets every 3rd Saturday 11am-1pm email (FREE & Confidential) Visit click on the Child Advocacy Program link to get started or email to be added on the next group or one on one session. 

Child Advocacy Program purpose is to Empower Teens
 Helping them to Build skills for a brighter future.

Adolescence is a time of intense change, which shapes future opportunities. Without support, young people around the world can make decisions that will compromise their futures, like dropping out of school or becoming a teen parent. Because of your generosity, we’re able to help adolescents build lasting life and work skills, so they can positively transition to adulthood — building a brighter future for themselves and their communities.  

**Consultation on the issues surrounding children with an incarcerated parent and their caregivers

**Individual and group confidential services that help children cope with the emotional and survival issues associated with having an incarcerated loved one. 

The Virginia Department of Corrections has previously estimated that there are over 5,000 families affected by incarceration in the Richmond area.This number represents a significant portion of our community’s population struggling with effects of a loved one’s incarceration.

View "Starting at the Root Project here: 

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