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Help Baby Trinitii

On Yesterday I was approached by a Woman in Babies R Us. She asked me to help her find clothing for a 9 month old Baby Girl. Then she said the mother of the Baby is incarcerated an her bail bond keeps being denied, she don’t know how long the mother will be in there. The Father of the Baby was shot several times a few weeks ago an he is on life support. The Mother of Baby Trinitii is also pregnant an once the baby is born if the Mother is not released by that time, the baby will have to be released to Ms. Moore as well. They are not related. I then told Ms. Moore about A Better Day Than Yesterday Initiative Program an she just cried an said Please help me! I am asking for the community help with helping Baby Trinitii and Ms. Moore so she don’t feel so overwhelmed. We have started the process in helping this family in their trying time. If you would like to help please contact me immediately Please! Baby Trinitii is a 9 month old Baby Girl that can fit 6 months old clothing... 6-9 months old would probably work great! **pants **shirts **under shirts **socks **shoes **Cereal **Similac Etc... 804-683-7738 or email Thank You so much for your help!!  


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