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Derrick Coles Speaking at our Child Advocacy Kick Off 2018

We are happy to announce that Derrick Coles will be speaking at our Child Advocacy Kick Off 2018, coming all the way from Florida to speak with the youth. This is a session you wouldn’t want your kids to miss. We are thriving to make change in our community by starting with our youth. His story is truly amazing!! I don’t really know where to start. 

Derrick was raised in a single parent home without his father. Derrick turned to the streets for direction at the age of 14. He sold drugs to support him an his family. He met his connection on a visit up state in New York. They got him started selling weight, meaning he never saw a corner. He started trafficking drugs from State to State. He was the definition of an Original Gangster! Thank God for circumstances that forces you to change when you have No Direction.  Derrick shot others an then was later shot. He went from being confined in a wheel chair unable to walk to learning how to walk with the help of his Uncle until this day. He never took any rehabilitation sessions to learn how to walk again. His determination an faith in God gave him the strength he needed to walk again and follow Gods calling. Derrick also has a son that is currently serving 48 years in the Penitentiary. We have to break this cycle of our youth trading places with the Prison Baby Boomers that are dying in the prison system as their reality of Retirement. Derrick Coles mission is Building Today’s boys into Tomorrow’s Men. He has written a book called “A Letter to my Son...There is No Love in the Streets. “ A BETTER START FOR OUR YOUTH IS A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR US... Be Great!  

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