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Thomas we Love & will miss you!

My Family has been experiencing a Pain that we Never thought would happen. A Child that is Blood related and soo very close to my heart has become VICTIM to Gun Violence that was Fatal. Someone decided on 1/18/2018 to end my Cousin Thomas Life. The pain his Mother & Father is feeling we couldn’t imagine. Thomas Bradley II his Father is incarcerated dealing with the lost of his 1st born. 

I was there when Tom was born. I was there when Tom passed away. He has 3 Kids that are left behind due to Gun Violence. 3 Single Mother’s  will now have to explain to there Child, “Your Father is Gone to be with His Father in the Sky”. How do you prepare for that? You can’t. Some kids create fantasies to help them dodge a conversation an adult wants to have with them. I believe. I also believe that’s Gods way of protecting them from Reality. Toms oldest child believes her Father just needs to be charged up as if he is a phone. She was looking for his charger to Charge him up.  The people that caused these children an theIr Grandmother to hurt like this, has no idea how this is affecting the Family and Friends of Thomas.  

We have to reach our children at an age they are able to comprehend. When you are unable to control your emotions, there is a possibility destruction is ahead. We must love on our kids. You can start today by constantly giving them Hugs, Telling them you love them, Being concern about their ideas, Concern about their thoughts, etc. When you are truly loved, You could Never harm another person. You take life into consideration. I Love You Tom. If I could only hear you say “LeTeisha” again😪 Until we meet again Rest Easy Baby Boy🤗😘😘😘

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